Tla'amin Health

Tla’amin Health provides healthcare services to members of the Tla’amin Nation and First Nations between Saltery Bay and Lund and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to build a healthy community for the future. To do this we must reacquaint ourselves with those things from our past which used to make us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong, while also utilizing everything modern medicine has to contribute.

As we take control of our health again, we will respect each individual’s right to seek her or his own way of healing. Together we will celebrate our ability as a community to give the gift of health and well-being to our children and our children’s children.


Tla’amin Health continues to support and assist the Tla’amin people in creating a healthier community. We are committed to forming respectful partnerships that maintain and advance our health and well-being in an equitable and holistic manner.

“Eh Kwa’A’Nuns Kye’A’Mieux” expresses the thought that when all the people in our community are well again, all around us will also be well.

Tla'amin Health